Dhaka University Alumni Association

DUAAIS, Constitution

Article I

Name and membership

Section 1. This organisation shall be known as Dhaka University Alumni

Association in Sweden, which is officially designated by the initials DUAAIS.

Section 2 This organisation is located in Stockholm, Sweden

Section 3. All ex-students of Dhaka University residing in Sweden are

eligible to be members of this association. Members of DUAAIS shall have

one vote each in DUAAIS elections as well as in all referendums and other initiatives.

Section 4. Spouses of DUAAIS are eligible for associate membership of the association.

Section 5. A member of DUAAIS should fulfill the above conditions, pay the yearly membership fee and abide by the association's rules & regulations.

Section 5.Application for membership should be made in association's

application form and sent to the Board for approval.

Section 6. The Executive Board decides the annual fee at the Annual General Meeting. The yearly fee currently is 100 SEK.

Section 7. Member/members failing to abide by the association's Rules & Regulations or damaging the association or its interests and/or its activities directly and/or indirectly risks dismissal from the association. A simple majority (51%) of votes in favor of dismissal at the annual general meeting (AGM) or any other association meeting is necessary if such action becomes inevitable.

Section 8. Untoward occasion and incidence of such nature as mentioned in section 7 of article I if and when it arises, the executive board issues a written communication to the person/persons concerned and allows him/her two weeks for an appeal and reconsideration or decision by the executive board.


Section 1.The Secretary together with the Chairperson will summon the AGM at least once a year. All association members will be informed by written notice at least two weeks prior to the AGM.

The following errands will be included in the agenda:

A. The General Secretary's presentation of the annual report

B. Finance secretary's report

Section 2.The election of Executive Board members shall take place at the AGM.

Section 3. Election committee consisting of three persons will be appointed at the AGM. Any change to the committee shall be only considered valid if at least two-third of the members who are present at the AGM or any other association meeting vote in favour of the change.

Article II

The Executive Board

DUAAIS Board is the ultimate body for formulating and executing decisions on behalf of the association. The executive board consists of 15-17 members for a period of one year. The board comprises of Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, Secretary, Joint secretary, Finance Secretary, Organising Secretary, Information secretary, Cultural Secretary and 5-7 members.

Executive board members shall be present at all board meetings. Any executive member failing to attend four board meetings consecutively without plausible reasons will risk his/her post, which may be forfeited on consensus amongst the board members

A Board member who afflicts damage to the association and its activities intentionally could be dismissed if two-third of the members vote in favor at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) or any other association meeting.

Elected and appointed officers

Section 1. Elected Offices:

A. The elected officers of DUAAIS shall be of Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, Secretary, Joint secretary, Finance Secretary, Organising Secretary, Information secretary, Cultural Secretary and 5-7 members.

B. The elected offices of DUAAIS shall be known as the executive board of DUAAIS.

C. All elected officers of the executive board must be members of DUAAIS.

D. No person shall hold two or more DUAAIS elected offices at the same time.

E. Elections for DUAAIS offices shall be held and officers elected by one month before the expiry of term of the running executive board.

Section 3. Eligibility

A. All candidates must be members of DUAAIS and residing in Sweden during the election.

B. DUAAIS presidential candidates must be serving/or have had served at the executive board during the time of the election.

Section 4. Procedures:

A. DUAAIS elections shall be organised and held under the supervision of an election commission comprised of 3 (three) members of DUAAIS.

B. Executive board candidates shall be nominated by election commission from petitions from members that shall mention a proponent and the supporter/s name for a particular candidate for a particular office.

C. All voting shall be by secret ballot.

D. A simple majority of total votes cast excluding illegal and blank votes is required for election.

E. Runoff elections with two candidates on the ballot shall be decided by a simple majority of total votes cast excluding illegal and blank votes.

F. Recall of any elected DUAAIS executive office holder may be initiated by a petition bearing signatures of 1/3 of DUAAIS members. Successful removal of such an office holder shall require 3/4 majority of the total votes cast, excluding blanks and illegal votes. The recall votes shall be held within one month following the presentation of the petition to the secretary of the executive board

Section 5 Term of office:

A. The term of office for all elected office holders of the executive board of DUAAIS shall begin the day following their election, and shall expire whenever they resign, are recalled, or their successor is elected, whichever comes first.

B. The executive board shall fill in any vacancy in an executive office by holding special election within a month after the vacancy of an office. Interim appointments by the executive board shall not exceed 2 month in duration.

C. If a vacancy occurs in the office of President, the vice president shall assume the duties of President until a new president is elected ion accordance with section 3 and 4 of this article.

Section 6. Appointed offices.

A. All appointed officers shall be responsible to the executive board of the DUAAIS.

B. All appointed officers by the executive board must be member of DUAAIS.

C. C. The term for the appointed offices shall not exceed the life of the appointing executive board of DUAAIS.

D. Any vacancies in the appointed offices shall be filled within one month of their occurrence.

E. Executive board of DUAAIS has the right to create any appointed office it deems necessary.

F. All appointed offices involving financial transaction must report to the executive board every trimester.

Section 7. Duties of the executive board members:

A. The president shall:

1. Act as the executive head of DUAAIS

2. Represent the best interest of DUAAIS to other organisations in Sweden or abroad

3. To sit as chair person of the executive board.

4. To make interim appointments in case of any vacancy of executive board members

5. To form ad-hoc committees

6. To call special sessions and to call general election.

7. Prepare agenda for every executive board meeting.

B The Vice president shall:

1. Assist the president in proper functioning of the executive board.

2. Represent the president in his absence in the executive board meetings or represent the president as the chief executive of DUAAIS in other organisations meetings or activities.

3. Assume the responsibility of the president in case the post of president falls vacant until a new president is elected.

C. The General secretary shall:

1. Record the business of all the executive board meetings and post the minutes within 3 days of these meetings.

2. Carry on all official correspondence of DUAAIS with other organisations.

3. Be responsible for keeping all communications of all DUAAIS committees/sub committees or appointed bodies.

4. Be responsible for constituting an election commission for conducting executive board election.

D. Joint secretary shall:

1. Assist the secretary in all the responsibilities assigned.

2. Assume the responsibility of the secretary either in his absence or in case the post falls vacant (due to recall, resignation).

E. The Finance secretary shall:

1. Be responsible for all the financial transactions of DUAAIS.

2. Maintain precise and up-to-date financial records of all DUAAIS activities.

3. Execute payments on behalf of DUAAIS and be responsible for collection of membership fees.

4. Make annual report of the financial transactions at the annual general meeting at the expiry of the term of the executive board for that working year.

F. Organising secretary shall:

1. Be responsible for recommending goals and policies for the association

2. Act as an advisory to the president in constitutional matters and association activities.

3. Be responsible for any amendments in the constitution in consultation with the president and the secretary of DUAAIS

4. Be responsible for organising all meetings of the association in consultation with the secretary.

5. Be responsible for membership drive and increasing membership strength of the association.

G. Information sceretary shall:

1. Be responsible for informing members of DUAAIS of all up-coming events of the association

2. Be responsible for informing news media regarding activities of the association

H. Cultural secretary shall:

Be responsible for arranging and conducting cultural activities of the association.

The Executive board members shall assist the general secretary for

organising and coordinating different activities of the association